​HeartSpace Art Therapy and Expressive Arts 

Wolfville, NS  902-993-0697
I was drawn to study Art Therapy as a result of personal and professional experiences. I worked for a number of years as an adult educator. In this work, I learned about the impacts of trauma on one's whole self, including one's ability to learn, particularly in academic settings. I began to integrate music and art making into learning activities as a way to address some of these impacts and I began to train in Expressive Arts.

Making art and music also helped me on my own pathway to whole-hearted wellness. Along the way, I reconnected with spirit - with myself, with others, with the earth, and with something greater. I value and make space for these connections in my life and work. I continue to participate in Art Therapy and other psychotherapy training and enjoy creating art and music in the company of others. 

Professional Preparation 

I completed a Master in Psychotherapy and Spirituality-Art Therapy specialization (St. Stephen's College, Edmonton). I  am a certified as a Hakomi Therapist (Hakomi Institute) and Somatic Experiencing Therapist (Somatic Experiencing Institute). 

Other training includes:

  • Counsellng Women Certificate (Athabasca University)
  • Grief Support (Taking Flight International)
  • Open Studio Process (Open Studio Project)

My PhD is in education (University of Alberta).​

Professional Memberships and Activities 

  • Canadian Art Therapy Association. (CATA) Registered Canadian Art Therapist  #2178
  • Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists.  Registered Counselling Therapists-Candidate
  • Hakomi Institute (CHT) 
  • Somatic Experiencing Institute (SEP) 
  • Research and Education Chair, CATA


  About Mary Norton